[Meet Your Valentine] Join Mysterious Profile

[Meet Your Valentine] Join Mysterious Profile

In 2023, our Singles Connection Program sparked among Berkeley alumni, evolving into a vibrant community for expats and seasoned professionals here in Singapore.

Now, as our community thrives, we are thrilled to unveil the exciting launch of "Mysterious Profile". This new feature an extraordinary experience for one-on-one in person connections - just in time for the 2024 Valentine's week! 🥳❤️
How it works:
We're thrilled to highlight a limited number of profiles each week. If you're eager to learn more or wish to be featured, sign up for the 🔗waitlist now, it's free! Cup of Tea will be in touch soon. First come first served :)
More Details & FAQ Below:
  1. Mysterious Profile Showcase: The Mysterious Profile owner will be featured on our website, with sensitive info locked (e.g., using a subtle photo without frontal face and masking name, exact age, and company info)
  2. Community Engagement:

    Community members will receive notifications via email and social media about the featured profiles, enabling them to express their interest directly on our website
  3. Like & Photos Exchange:

    Cup of Tea will facilitate the seamless sharing of likes from community members with the featured profile owner. If mutually interested, profile pictures will be shared between both parties
  4. Meetup Confirmation:

    Within 24 hours, both parties must confirm their availability for a meetup and secure their reservation by making a deposit for the venue package; otherwise, the date will be canceled
  5. In-person Meetup:

    Enjoy the experience, and gentlemen have the option to cover ladies' expenses if they're interested, deposit will be returned to the ladies :)
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